Fall 2019-2020 // Assoc. Prof. Dr. F. Didem Ekinci

Aim: This course aims at introducing senior PSI students to the historical timeline, perspectives, key concepts, trends and issue cases in the evolution of international political economy. The course shall start with post-WW II historical evolution of IPE under Bretton Woods, Interdependence and Globalization periods and shall continue with governance of international monetary system, international trade and domestic politics, MNCs and global governance, North-South system, third world, relation between oil and politics, and integration of eastern economies in the post-Cold War era. By the end of the term, students are expected to become able to analyze key concepts, trends, deviations, developments and future prospects in the field.

Grading: There will be one mid-term (50%) and a final exam (50%). Students are expected to act in accordance with university rules and regulations regarding in-class behavior, cheating, attendance, etc.

Weekly Course Schedule:

Week 1: Overview: From Management to Governance in International Economic Relations

Week 2: The Western System: Governing the International Monetary System (1)

Week 3: The Western System: Governing the International Monetary System (2)

Week 4: International Trade and Domestic Politics

Week 5: Multinational Corporation and International Governance


Week 7: MIDTERM EXAM (not fixed)

Week 8: The North-South System: The North-South System and the Possibility of Change

Week 9: The North-South System: Financial Flows to Developing Countries

Week 10: The North-South System: Trade and Development Strategies

Week 11: The North-South System: Multinational Corporations in the Third World

Week 12: The North-South System: Oil and Politics (1)

Week 13: The North-South System: Oil and Politics (2)

Week 14:  Review

Course Textbook: Joan E. Spero and Jeffrey A. Hart, The Politics of International Economic Relations (7th edition), 2010. (Additional reading material will be assigned throughout the semester).